Summer quarter Chronicles of the Council

Hey everyone!

It’s the summer, I hope you’re all outside enjoying the sun one way or another!

Coming up, we have:

1. Revival:  Don’t know what it is?  Find out here.
1) Free fireside discussion  this Saturday, August 9th at 6:30 pm.  Dr. Todd Schlapfer, ND will share his 30 years of clinical experience by leading a talk titled “The Vis and the Shadow” .  Hosted 40 minutes east of Seattle on Dr. Snider and Dr. Milliman’s land in North Bend, WA.  Come celebrate completing boards, camp out on the land Saturday night, and stay Sunday to help prepare the land for Revival. Bring your own food, drink, and musical instruments.  Family and Friends welcome!
2) Revival tickets on sale until Next Friday! Presenting Doctors include: Bruce Milliman, Pamela Snider, Leanna Standish, Louise Edwards, Cathy Rogers, Molly Neidermeyer, Herb Joiner Bey, Steve Dahmas, Christi Fleetwood, Charlie Cropley, Kelsi Ervin, Patrick Donovan, Erin Westaway, Ed Alstat, Willow Moore, Joel and Michelle Levey, and more. The event is August 22-24, 2014 – Event is open ND students and their families.
Visit or email for more details.

Garden Sale:  Wednesdays at noon on campus.  For info on how veggies help you feel fit and tight like a tiger, watch here.

Movie Night:  TBA.  This will be a family friendly event sponsored by Student Council.  Bring blankets, sandwich meats, aged cheeses (or is it cheesi?) and the root barks of your favorite flowering plants for your Viking friends to enjoy..  For more info about movie night, click here.

Check out a series of the updates: