Season 3 of Chronicles of the Council – Week 9


Grad Party:  Get you tickets NOW.  Get them here.  It’s gonna be a tight party, seriously.  Have you ever partied with a bunch of NDs?  You can only imagine…  Buy your tickets here.  Dr. Lamden’s band is playing.  Bam.  Food and drink will be provided.  June 21st, 7-12.  Shilshole Bay. 
Previval Work Party:  Check the posters around campus for more info.  
Tents For Cents:  Students are camping out in the Bastyr backyard!  Go visit them!
                   Four first year ND students: Allie, Jenna, Kristin and Lydia are camping out on the Bastyr field for the week as a project for Naturopathic Theory and Practice.  Their project is called Tents 4 Cents and is aimed at a) raising awareness of homelessness, b) to  raise money for medical equipment for the Tent City clinic run by the Alternative Healthcare Access Campaign and c) to gather food donations for the homeless.
Why do we care: it’s important to walk in the shoes of our patients and to understand a bit more about social issues as future doctors.
A call to action: it’s simple, bring a non-perishable food item and come chat at the tent anytime this week.
Check it out on Facebook for more information and a link to the donation page. Thanks to everyone who has already supported this cause!
Bastyr: Stripped is a group of first year ND students‘ version of the What I Be project ( for their Naturopathic Theory and Practice final.  The idea is to write an insecurity on your face for a fierce headshot, accompanied by a caption that flips the insecurity on its head to show that the vulnerability is part of you, but does not define you.
Our hope is that by exposing our vulnerabilities, it not only takes the power out of them but unites Bastyr as a community.  We operate in a microcosmic society that perpetuates the idea that we have to “keep it together” all the time in order to be professional, which harbors the risk of us losing touch with our humanity.  Putting this together gives us the opportunity to support each other instead of competing with each other.
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