Conference Reimbursement

Steps for conference reimbursement

  1. Find desired conference

  2. Fill out the Conference Reimbursement Form 2019-2020

    • The Reimbursement Form has more specific information on requirements that is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to read to make sure you get reimbursed!

  3. Return form to

  4. Attend conference

  5. Save receipts

  6. Return to Bastyr with new knowledge

  7. Give back to Bastyr community (two options)

    1. Set up a date and location for a Lunch and Learn presentation WITH recording

    2. Make a voice over powerpoint and email it to

  8. See Student Resources Center to get the expense form, the “blue” form and fill out “blue” form

  9. Return blue form with receipts to the Finance TL

  10. Await monetary reimbursement