Hello! My name is Alex Aponte-Davila! I am Fourth year ND student working as your Technology Team Leader. I was born and raised in Puerto Rico. I moved to Washington State three years ago to start my journey as an ND student. Former student-athlete (basketball) and graduate student (nutrition in public health). Any questions you can reach me at sctech@bastyr.edu

  1. Manages WordPress website: ie make sure up to date documents for Student Council events, Conference reimbursement, etc are on the website and Sharepoint.
  2. Updates and supports other Team leaders with uploading meeting minutes, their documents on the www.bastyrsc.org Website.
  3. Runs the Technical aspects of events, working with other members to coordinate this. Other SC TLs must give at least a three day notice to the Technology TL.
  4. Works closely with Communication Team Leader to update Student Council Canvas page with new additions to calendar, meeting days and locations, minutes, office hours, etc
  5. Assists the SC Communication Leader with SC videos, editing them, and placing them on the youtube page, and then the www.bastyrsc.org and vimeo websites.
  6. Updates and run the TV with regular Powerpoint updates for events, clubs etc. Ensure the TV is running with the powerpoint everyday.
  7. Runs Student Council Elections in the Spring, Coordinate with Elections for NMSA and other Departments who want to offer elections for various positions, this is done through Survey Monkey Account or Google Forms (Whichever the TL prefers).
  8. Builds surveys for other Team leaders for Student Council and the student body.
  9. Takes Student Technology needs at the clinic, school, and communicate with the IT Department on a regular basis so they know what is going on.
  10.  Puts on annual projects using Technology Funds
    1. Renew the www.bastyrsc.org website, dropbox, vimeo, domain names, and hosting with Student Council Technology budget
  11. Adds office hours to the student council door and tv. 

Protect Name

Technology – Alexander Aponte-Davila

Project Details

  • January 11, 2015
  • SCouncil

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