Bethany Waller is a fourth (of five) year naturopathic medial student and is thrilled to serve a second year as student council secretary. You may find her in the halls giving campus tours as a peer ambassador for the admissions office or helping to coordinate events around campus.

As student council secretary, Bethany invites you to introduce yourself during office hours or email anytime with questions, comments, or concerns. Her role on student council is to help direct concerns to the appropriate team leader, does her best to keep everyone organized, and helps coordinate schedules of team leaders, students and faculty and staff while supporting all team leader positions.

Bethany is passionate about homeopathy, botanical medicine and nutrition. She enjoys walking her Shiba Inu mix, Brutus and snuggling with her tabby Neko. She graduated with a BA in cell biology and a minor in chemistry from Western State Colorado University (GO Mountaineers #Westernup). In her free time, she enjoys vegan and gluten free baking, painting, jewelry making and exploring the beautiful PNW. She also prides herself on being ready to dance at any given moment and fully condones the use of the SC office as a dance hall so stop by!

Protect Name

Secretary – Bethany Waller

Project Details

  • January 12, 2015
  • SCouncil

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