The Finance Team Leader is responsible for monitoring, reporting, and allocating the Student Council budget.  The Finance Team Leader works in conjunction with the VP of Student Affairs to determine projected and current account balances as well as ensure SC funding requests are viable and executed. At every Team Leader meeting, the Finance TL will update each TL on their existing budget. The Finance Team Leader also serves as a liaison fielding student body questions, developing student body ideas, helping other SC Team Leaders, and participating in SC events/meetings.

  • Conference reimbursements
    • Manage annual disbursement of conference funds
    • Each award valued at a maximum of $500 with 40 awards, as fiscal budget allows, being available per Student Council term
    • Awards are broken up into program of study, with every program having at least one award and the remaining awards being divided amongst the remaining programs, depending on the population of attending students.
    • Award application guidelines
      • See Supplemental Information for the Guidelines
    • Team Leader Budget
      • Each TL will be responsible for their individual budgets with the oversight of Finance TL.
      • Finance TL is responsible for tracking each TL’s budget.

Protect Name

Finance – Erin Dungan

Project Details

  • January 30, 2015
  • SCouncil

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