Hello my Fellow Bastyrians,
My name is Xavier Guian Aponte Infanzón but you may call me Xavi. I’m a 3/5 ND student strongly considering dual tracking in Acupuncture. I recently joined the Student Council as the English-as- a-Second- Language (ESL)/International/Underrepresented Students Team Leader. Please, don’t hesitate to approach me in regards to ESL/International students concerns or if you just want to chat (I can be very talkative!)

Fun facts about me:
• I’m originally from Puerto Rico. I’m still adjusting to the weather, but I’m getting there.
• I’m a proud parent of two beautiful Chihuahuas. Their names are Ferguie and Coguie.
• I started my journey in Naturopathic Medicine in Puerto Rico at the Turabo University. I
always felt that Bastyr was the place I needed to be, so after 1 year and a half I moved to
Washington state and restarted the journey. I couldn’t be happier with my decision.
• I love Naturopathic Medicine, especially its holistic approach of treating mind, body and soul
• I love politics. Since I was a kid I wanted to actively participate in the political system of
Puerto Rico (always wanted to become governor of the island). Hopefully I can use
Naturopathic Medicine to become a Secretary of Health and be an agent of transformation
in the Department of Health. I’m still learning about the political system here in the US, but if
you have any questions about what’s happening in Puerto Rico feel free to ask.

• I was part of a committee in Puerto Rico to help the Naturopathic Medicine profession
progress and evolve in the politically charged climate in the island.
• I’m a geek. My New Year’s Resolution is to let the closet geek within me come out.
• I love music (life without music is pretty boring). I especially love genres such as: rock,
classic, pop, new age and soundtracks (movies and video games especially).
• I love to travel and I wouldn’t be the person I am today without having the experiences I’ve
had while seeing and learning about different places of the planet.
• I lived in Aruba for 2 years. If you’ve considered escaping to that tropical paradise just ask
me anything.
• I like technology a lot. I worked at an Apple reseller in Puerto Rico before the start of my ND
journey. Contact me if you need help or advice technology-wise.

Protect Name

ESL/International: Xavier Aponte

Project Details

  • January 11, 2015
  • SCouncil

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