Hello Fellow Bastyrians,

My name is Lauren Alixandra Gresham  and I am a 4/5 ND/MPH student.  It’s my 3rd term on Student Council here at Bastyr!  I’m in charge of Communications and  Professional Development.  If you have something you want to announce, or if you have questions about professional development, just ask!

  Fun facts about me:

 *I finished my undergraduate degree with a 6 year hiatus in between the first and 2nd year. I wanted to travel the world instead (which I did).

*The first love of my life was theater arts and film. I love to make costumes, play dress up and engage audiences in content that makes them think and grow.

*I have been to Burning Man 8 times! It completely changed my life. I still love festivals!

*I am very passionate and love to debate. If I ever seem intense, just know that  means I care a lot!

* I love dirty, nasty bass- filled electronic music. Dub-step is great! I also love to  dance to said music.

*I love naturopathic medicine a lot, especially nature cure, homeopathy,  physical medicine and nutrition. I hope to use my Public Health degree towards teaching our naturopathic principles at a larger, community level. 

Protect Name

Communications – Lauren Gresham

Project Details

  • January 30, 2015
  • SCouncil

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