Bio: Dear Bastyr Student, I’m excited to be this year’s clinic team lead for you on student council!

I’m in my 4th and last year of the naturopathic medicine program. My job on student council is to collaborate between student clinicians and the associate dean of clinical education, which includes eliciting feedback for improved clinical training.

My health interests include naturopathic primary care, women’s health, pediatric health, preventive medicine, and health rights. Outside of school and my career I love spending time playing ultimate, getting creative with plants and flowers, hanging out with friends, and eating good food!

I’m passionate about teamwork and collaboration and will continue to create avenues to get us connected with the bigger medical world out there. Come chat with me during office hours about brainstorming ideas, working on residency, talking about cases, and really anything you’d like.

Contact info:

My office hours are held at clinic in the back student lounge on Mondays 12-2pm.

Email me at:

Clinic Team Leader:

The responsibility and function of the Clinic Team includes, but is not limited to, serving as a liaison between the clinic and the stud

ent body. The Clinic Team is responsible for eliciting feedback from the student body regarding clinic issues and disseminating intel to clinic administration.  The goal of this team is to collaborate with students, administration, faculty and facilities regarding issues related to standard operating procedures, transportation and daily operations. The clinic team leader position may only be filled by an active student clinician.

Protect Name

Clinic – Susanne Lietz

Project Details

  • January 30, 2015
  • SCouncil

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