• The Activities Team Leader is responsible for organizing school-wide events aimed at building community among the students, faculty, and staff. The goal of these events is to enhance the student body experience by providing opportunities to build relationships among their colleagues. This aspect of Student Council focuses on bringing balance to the lives of students going through the various programs offered at Bastyr University through enjoyable, relaxing events each quarter that are at no cost to attendants. (Reviewed and approved on 6/30/2020)
  • Annual events that have been traditionally planned include:
    • First Friday Party in the Fall quarter
    • Talent-No-Talent Show (TNT) in the Winter Quarter
    • Community Day in the Spring Quarter.
    • Graduation Celebration

*These events are subject to change through gauging of the student body’s interest.

  • The Activities Team Leader is responsible for project management, including timelines, deliverables, due dates, and delegation as necessary, to the Executive Team Leaders, and any other involved student volunteers.
  • The Activities Team Leader secures a liaison for the graduation party and passes necessary documentation to that liaison. The liaison then organizes and plans the graduation party.

Protect Name

Activities – Jon-Michael Perry

Project Details

  • January 30, 2015
  • SCouncil

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