Bastyr can be intense and all of us (including Student Council members!) have a lot to balance in life. But I believe that our community needs us, elects us, to step up to the proverbial plate. So it is our job to put forth our energies to ensure we are resonating with our community and representing their needs… your needs! My goal is to help more of Bastyr’s hidden vibrancy and life-force shine through. I believe I can help strengthen this by designing and hosting exciting events and activities for all students, and be as accessible and transparent as possible about resources and what the Council can do for students.

As an undergrad, I also feel that equal representation is needed for undergraduates at Bastyr. I aim to bridge the gap for those newcomers to the community as well as support necessary outlets and professional space for graduate ­level students.

Please say “hi” if you spot me on campus — Maybe we can share some tea and have a chat!

The goals of the Activities Team are two-fold: to promote awareness of the vibrant community we have all chosen to be a part of, and to bring a variety of fun and relaxing social events to unwind from your tough days in the classroom. Some of the things we have accomplished

  • First Friday Party
  • Talent-No-Talent Show
  • Community Day
  • Monk’s Visit
  • Food for Finals
  • Founders’ Day

The Activities Team is always looking for more members! Drop me a line ( if you’re interested in spreading the fun bug among your classmates this year!

Protect Name

Activities – Wendy Blevins

Project Details

  • January 30, 2015
  • SCouncil

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