My name is Marie Barrera and I was born in Boston, MA but raised in the San Francisco Bay Area–I am a true California-girl from my heart down to my flip-flops!  I am a 4 of 5 ND student and love our school very much!

Fun Facts about me:
* I have my Masters in Education from the University of California, Berkeley

* I am a “nutrition nerd” as I am a certified Clinical Nutritionist  (Bauman College Berkeley, CA) so come by and we can talk smoothies, juicing, antioxidants and phytonutrients!* I meditate 2-3 hours daily (I aim for that!) and like to see situations as the “glass is half full”.

* I am a devoted RA on campus because I love my housemates, they are the BEST…Ehallers rock!

* Im a true Taurus so if you don’t find me studying, you will find me organizing something…somewhere!* Lastly…I love PEOPLE! I love talking to people, getting to know people, chatting with people. (In kindergarten I was moved around so much as a punishment for talking but I thought it was such a great chance to get to socialize with more kids!) Lol…so please stop by and let’s chat!


The Academics team wraps our hearts and minds around student issues defining professional development and academic policies.  We are made up of student council representatives and all students interested in contributing to our dialogue.  Feel free to stop by, sit in on one of our team meetings, and/or send us an email.  If you have any thoughts, ideas or suggestions for developing our profession (lecturers, workshops etc.), please contact us – we are excited to define new avenues that support and advance our medicine!  If you have any questions please contact:

Our team will work on areas such as:

  • Brainstorming & implementing profession-related workshops & speakers
  • Exploring student exposure to government legislation
  • Course evaluations & assessment of academic policy improvement
  • Conference Funds
  • Business Workshops

Protect Name

Academics – Marie Barrera

Project Details

  • January 30, 2015
  • SCouncil

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