• Student representation
    • Liaison between students and academic administration
    • Attendance of meetings to assess effectiveness of curriculum
    • Meeting with Deans and Chairs of departments to discuss concerns as needed
  • Academic Committee meetings
    • Quarterly attendance of academic meetings set up through assistant of the Provost.
    • Liaison with the Board of Trustees representative and update Student Council with Board of Trustees meeting content.
    • Reports made out to Academic committee meetings on student academics.
    • Academic TL will report on attended meetings during subsequent SC meetings, with their report appearing on the SC meeting agenda beforehand. The report must also be submitted on Canvas to the student body after the subsequent SC meeting.
  • Other Responsibilities:
    • The Team Leader may choose to develop training opportunities aimed at assisting students in recognizing individual teaching and learning styles, validating individual academic learning modalities, and teaching techniques to build school/life balance.



The Academics team wraps our hearts and minds around student issues defining professional development and academic policies.  We are made up of student council representatives and all students interested in contributing to our dialogue.  Feel free to stop by, sit in on one of our team meetings, and/or send us an email.  If you have any thoughts, ideas or suggestions for developing our profession (lecturers, workshops etc.), please contact us – we are excited to define new avenues that support and advance our medicine!  If you have any questions please contact: SCacadem@bastyr.edu

Our team will work on areas such as:

  • Brainstorming & implementing profession-related workshops & speakers
  • Exploring student exposure to government legislation
  • Course evaluations & assessment of academic policy improvement
  • Conference Funds
  • Business Workshops

Protect Name

Academics – Brynn Olinger

Project Details

  • January 30, 2015
  • SCouncil

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