Hello All!  It’s me your Student Council Secretary, Samantha Evans.


I am in the 3rd year of the ND program and I am excited to be your Student Council Secretary.  My job in the council is as a fellow council member called it – the glue that holds the council togeth

er.  I am in charge of scheduling meetings, taking minutes, and I am lucky enough to get to help all of the other council member is their individual positions.  I get the best of both worlds.  I also help the fellow team leaders stay motivated and organized by encouraging them in whatever activities they are involved with.

 Fun Facts about me:

 – I love to cook – and have turned every sugary delight I love into somet

hing healthy and delicious

– Music is my outlet for everything.

– I came to Bastyr hating Physical Medicine – now I am a phys med junkie 🙂

 If you have questions for me just ask – I am always around!