Communications Team Leader: Lauren Sat Kirtan Gresham


—Hello Fellow Bastyrians,

My name is Lauren Sat Kirtan Gresham (I use Sat Kirtan) and I am a 2nd year ND student.  It’s my 1st term on Student Council here at Bastyr!  I’m in charge of Communications and I support Jason Kinley with Professional Development.  If you have something you want to announce, or if you have questions about professional development, just ask!

  Fun facts about me:

—     I practice Kundalini Yoga and am a member of the Sikh religion. So, if you see  me in my turban (yes, you can call it that), be sure to recognize me  anyway!

—      I finished my undergraduate degree with a 6 year hiatus in between the first  and 2nd year. I wanted to travel the world instead (which I did).

—     The first love of my life was theater arts. I love to make costumes, play dress  up and engage audiences in content that makes them think and grow.

—     I have been to Burning Man 8 times! It completely changed my life.

—     I am very passionate and love to debate. If I ever seem intense, just know that  means I care a lot!

—      I love dirty, nasty bass- filled electronic music. Dub-step is great! I also love to  dance to said music.

—      I love naturopathic medicine a lot, especially nature cure, homeopathy,  physical medicine and nutrition.


Protocol for getting on Chronicle of the Council!

1. Contact Lauren Sat Kirtan Gresham at least two weeks prior to event – email her at

2. Schedule a time with her to get on the video.

3. Have a 30 second – 1 minute blurb that you’d like to announce that includes the following:

a. What it is

b. When it is

c. Why we care

d. A call to action

4. Send Sat Kirtan any links or notes that you would like her to include in the show notes via email

5. If you can’t make it, let her know.

6. For every week you would like an announcement made, please send a new email request.  Requests cannot carry forward for multiple weeks.  For example, if you want an announcement made in weeks 4, 5, 6, you have to email asking for it to be placed in the announcements 3 times in 3 weeks, not just once asking for it to be included for the 3 weeks.

What student council can do:

1. Promote your event for you if you are scared of being on camera (as long as you do the following listed above minus #2.)

2. Promote your event multiple times on the video, depending on date of the event.

3. Continually send out links and notes in the attachments to the video, even after the original video has aired.

4. Say exactly what you want us to say.

5. Help give you ideas on how best to promote your event.

What student council cannot do:

1. Promote the event without a written blurb or your presence on the video.

2. Guarantee that your event will be on the video if you don’t give two weeks notice.

3. Be held accountable if your event is a flop.

4. Send out an email to the student body just for your event.


****The only way student council will send out a special email for your event only is if student council has made an error in connecting with you or for some reason deemed appropriate by student council. ****

This protocol is liable to change at any time through a majority rule vote by the student council. If the rules are changed, they will be posted on the Bastyr student council website: and on the Bastyr facebook page. This document is available for viewing at

Student Council March 2014