Activities Team Leader: Kelsey Asplin

430819_10151223222110158_859880318_nI’m Kelsey Asplin and I’m in my 4th and final year of the ND program.  This is also my second year as your Activities Team Leader. Why I love activities: I’ve always believed that extracurricular activities can enrich the lives of students and bring balance to our exceptionally busy and business-minded brains. Fun facts you may or may not know about me:

  • I was born and raised in Colorado.
  • I’ve ridden and trained horses since I was very young. While I’ve dabbled in almost every style of riding, some of the craziest stuff I’ve done includes standing on the backs of two horses while they run through a pattern of maneuvers, jumping rails and splitting around flaming torches.
  • I have my motorcycle license and owned two motorcycles before moving to Seattle.
  • I was the Senior Class Vice President in High School.
  • I was determined to have hypermobile joint syndrome in one of my classes last year (look it up, it’s a real thing).
  • I love being on the Chronicles of the Council because it reminds me of when I did the morning news one day a week in elementary school.

The goals of the Activities Team are two-fold: to promote awareness of the vibrant community we have all chosen to be a part of, and to bring a variety of fun and relaxing social events to unwind from your tough days in the classroom. Some of the things we have accomplished

  • First Friday Party
  • Talent-No-Talent Show
  • Community Day
  • Monk’s Visit
  • Food for Finals
  • Founders’ Day

The Activities Team is always looking for more members! Drop me a line ( if you’re interested in spreading the fun bug among your classmates this year!

FFP ’14 – Cirque Du Bastyr

A Carnival Under the Bastyr Big Top


Thank you to all the vendors who helped create a carnival inside of a cafeteria!

Prop Gallery Events; Prive; Clown’s Unlimited; Lance Campbell with and ESP Experience; Cary Durgin; Over The Line Art; Seattle Photo Booth; Artist Unknown; Spun Cotton Candy; Picnic’s Hot Dogs; Garlic Jims; Communitea Kombucha; Malt and Vine; Shen Zen Tea; PCC

Thank you to Adam Staffa for some of the spectacular moments captured below!

Cirque Entry Way

Ring Leader

Grupo uno

Grupo dos

Epic Win Photo of the Night:

dart player


Dex 2 Brandon and Mason Green Man Tim Solatto Dex with Lion Dex 3 Lion Marty Rhonda and Gail

Kelsey and Dex

Heather Heather 2 Numerology _MG_9099 Kevin Crowd 3 Christopher, Tim crowd2

Cow Milk 2 Grace and James High Striker OTL crowd1 Cow Milk 1 Jugglers Jugglers 2 Bearded lady darts Ring Toss Gypsy Jugglers 3 Dex 1 Sign Christopher and Kelsey Spun Duck Pond Tiffany line dance 2 line dance Kevin and GF Karen Bender smash happy dance Tim S 2 Tim S Kels, Chris, Grace sean smash




































































Summer Showtimes – The First Annual

Summer 2014





Tibetan Monks Hand Lay a

Medicine Buddha Sand Mandala

Spring 2014


A29W3972--2-_large210296303_730483970306503_2084532872184788871_o 10265526_730484643639769_7805483806274617150_o 1900452_730484800306420_7053836524901634951_o 1507319_730484753639758_5626601332264235822_o 10338663_730486626972904_729498324175709298_o 10259052_730486690306231_8771670608621288267_o 1507319_730486720306228_2504926524552437511_o 10295035_730486770306223_8484200483729766384_o 1523367_730486806972886_6745382161957263831_o 10272545_730487040306196_3998409830116503956_o 10256703_730487160306184_2341745191548663329_o 1974343_730486546972912_6889176934791493311_o 10014424_730487300306170_4978280513768515594_o 903030_730487346972832_5601509410452422504_o 10271392_730487480306152_8876658201404117522_o 1403653_730487536972813_1856388834606068399_o 10333321_730487586972808_44447626610595171_o 964417_730487630306137_8451754305317669233_o 10344370_730485506973016_6225872316098431147_o 883899_730485533639680_6485324349441802238_o 10348763_730485573639676_9102032491421335135_o 1556494_730485800306320_4123194213277845293_o 10295016_730486053639628_1437124439010588663_o 10259136_730487670306133_6156991930829341794_o 10256552_730486340306266_1248350738889340980_o 883886_730486346972932_3391460092521148714_o 10293660_730486443639589_1617022885074874159_o 10285571_730486506972916_6649453302413789646_o 10000970_730486540306246_2489724385356179966_o 10333308_730485033639730_4552037614533429060_o 10257313_730485076973059_5419858911112103007_o 1501321_730485156973051_7118183520837216597_o 10339481_730485200306380_7098192884250420583_o 906910_730485256973041_1092857877318590433_o 10257124_730485416973025_9066323210731187522_o 10258764_730484390306461_523919613590633488_o 10012780_730483900306510_6318601801089137953_o


TalentNoTalent Show

Winter 2014


Winner for Most Talented

Mason Wallace

Winner for Most Entertaining


Other Wonderful Performances By:

RhythmoblastsJames GilchristDr. Mark LamdenThe Didg Mechanic Beyonc-AC Hoopla Philip and Karen Ella Wakely Singalong With The Hibbsters Dallin Peterson Dr. Josua Rubinstein Dr. Greg Yasuda Seth EnosMelissa GibbonsBrandon TestaJayne and Julieann Grace Chang The Cost of Freedom

Kathryn Hightower

Spirit Week Fall 2013

Best of…

Sparkle/Neon Monday


Superhero/Villain Tuesday


Western Wednesday


Halloween Thursday

1383263676026   angela

RaRa Bastyr Friday


Other Great Displays of Spirit!

996664_641035922584642_2030751333_n becca 20131031_094932-1 20131031_095001-1 20131031_095056-1 20131031_110534 20131031_163052 20131031_151334 20131031_134052 20131031_133956 20131031_112939 photo super rooster magical unicorn 1450882_438619082910966_1498805340_n 1450831_640579785963589_257591270_n 1376592_640580049296896_434143868_n 563068_10153395154470346_194356128_n 555564_640058972682337_854672045_n 20131029_115359 20131029_110455 998540_10150337562059997_426643355_n 1425583_639660756055492_699574724_n photo image_1 batman tim batman kevin 1395859_639655729389328_618327425_n 1395893_639739656047602_323053060_n 1393882_639681106053457_1553871613_n 1380443_639734149381486_405840062_n 1000237_639679589386942_500910618_n 988332_639739409380960_979116175_n 945421_639680009386900_772306222_n poinsonivy karen and brandon 20131028_140038