Happy Givingtuesday

Happy Givingtuesday!

For many, the holiday season is often one of indulgence. We indulge in food, time with loved ones and shopping on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. A newer, lesser-known holiday called Giving Tuesday follows Thanksgiving and highlights the work of nonprofits around the world!

Watch here: (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lBYfUXuDRhU)

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Naturopaths Without Borders – Bastyr Chapter is launching a Drink Haitian campaign because it’s a win-win: Haitian farmers gain direct economic autonomy by selling their goods; any proceeds from our coffee sales support our work in Haiti!


FREE Taste Testing! 

WHENTUESDAY December 3rd, 2013
Sample servings starting at 10:00AM-12:50PM! Bastyr hallways! Pop by and say hello to NWB and sample some fair trade Haitian Coffee!
Taking Pre-orders thru December 4th!
Each 12oz bag of coffee = $10.00

We can deliver to campus/clinic or ship directly to you or friends or loved ones. Ship up to 3 – 12oz bags for only $5.95 Priority shipping anywhere in U.S. 
All proceeds go back to our work in Haiti.
Current NWB projects:
  • Medika Mamba Program (treating malnutrition in children): Proceeds from 1 bag will feed one kiddo for 2 weeks!The program uses local products grown by local farmers, thus improving the economy and lives of Haitians.


  • Garden Pool project coming to NWB Haiti Clinic February 2014
Questions? Shout-outs? Payments can be arranged via cash, check, or card.