Creating/Renewing your Club

How to Create or Renew a Club


1) Fill out the New Club/Renewal Form.

2) Drop off hard copy to Theresa Tran’s campus mailbox or interdepartmental mail it, no later than 2 days before the next general meeting. Ex: If the general meeting is on a Wednesday, club paperwork must be submitted by 5pm Monday.

3) Attend next Student Council meeting for approval of new clubs and funds requests. If a club is renewing, a representative does not need to be present at the meeting however we do encourage you to attend the meetings.

4) Club is Approved! Your information will be sent to the IT department to create your email account.. For any other questions, please contact Kimberly Hiner in the Student Resources Center.

5) Club Finances: Each club has $250/year available for use. Beyond this amount, fundraising is recommended for any events, activities, guest speakers, etc. Please fill out a Funds Request Form and submit a hard copy to Theresa Trans’s campus mailbox or interdepartmental mail it from clinic. Funds must be used within the current academic year.

6) Club Renewal is done at the beginning of every year, please fill out the form above to renew the club.

Reimbursement of Expenses:

Procedure for Reimbursement (downloadable PDF)