Chronicles of the Council – WI Week 2

Topics: (expanded discussion in your e-mail)

1.  HBBH – Marketing seminar FEB 7th and 8th.  By far the most popular so sign up now because space is limited – we had to turn people away last year.  Sign up here.  It’s $250 and well worth it – ask around.  

2.  TNT – Applications are due by FEB 6th to Kelsey Asplin.  The show is Friday FEB 20th.  Make plans to attend, it’s a big deal.  Application is below – the instructions are self-explanatory.  

3.  NESH – Last chance to sign up! It starts this FRIDAY!  NESH won’t be coming back to Bastyr for a LONG time, so if you are on the fence consider this in your decision.  

4.  Dr. Neil McKinney to speak at Bastyr: Dr. McKinney has been in practice and has written extensively on naturopathic oncology.  MAY 15-17th.  If you are interested in oncology, this seminar is a no-brainer!  It’s currently $425 to attend which includes the protocols and the 2,700 files you’ll receive.  

5.  Masters in Public Health: Lunch and learn this Thursday from 12-1 in room Room 133

6.  Retrospective Case Analysis:  The first one is Jan 20th, at clinic in room 234 and 235.  This is a series of discussions about improving medical decision making.  
7.  Branding For Your Practice:  Saturday JAN 24 with Nicole Francois at Bastyr in Room 63.  Free for students!!!  RSVP to Susan Farley at
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