Season 3 of Chronicles of the Council – Week 8

Featuring:  This is How We Do It”  by DJ Easy Wake and KeL$pliN.  
Topics Covered:

Conference Reimbursement Forms are DUE by June 6th, 8am.  See below for the details.  
1.  Last HBBH Workshop This Year!!!  May 31st -June 1st.  Maximizing Administration.  This one is all about  INCOMEDEBTPATIENT RETENTION AND…MAKING MONEY!  Sign up here.  DO IT SOON!  IT’S NEARLY FULL!

2.   ND GRAD PARTY – Get you tickets NOW.  Get them here.  It’s gonna be a tight party, seriously.  Have you ever partied with a bunch of NDs?  You can only imagine…  Buy your tickets here.  Dr. Lamden’s band is playing.  Bam.  Food and drink will be provided.  June 21st, 7-12.  Shilshole Bay.  

4.  Revival is approaching!  Pre-Revival work parties are starting this coming weekend.  Come out to The Land and spread some good cheer.  Pick berries, hot tub-it up, swing a axe or shovel.  It’s a blast!  Email
5.   Quickbooks with Andy Belanger:  Friday night, room 284.  If you want to come, email  If you have a Mac, it’s from 4-6:30.  If you have a PC, it’s 6:30-9pm.  Email me and I’ll send you the introductory video!  $75 is the price.  Learn how to organize your holistic books so you can make $$.  

Last Call for Conference Reimbursement Forms!!

Remaining awards for the following programs:

AOM: 2

Ayurveda: 1

Environmental Science: 1

Herbal Science: 1

Counseling: 1

 Forms for these programs must be received either by e-mail to or by physical form in Seth’s on campus mailbox by 8:00AM PST on 6/3/14

 , one week from today.

 If forms for these disciplines are not received by the above deadline then all other submissions for reimbursements will be assessed and voted on at that days Student Council Meeting at Noon in room 1062.

 Forms are available on the SC website.

 After that date and time, conference reimbursement awards for the 2014/2015 year will not be available until the first day of fall quarter, September 29th, 2014.

 Thank you for your time and attention.

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